STIL Orthosis

Stabilizing the hands of people with tremors

A new treatment for tremors

The STIL orthosis is a revolutionary medical device that suppresses tremors. It’s the first of its kind.

Picture of the STIL Orthosis

Artificial joint damping

The orthosis contains specialized dampers that suppress tremor, but allow voluntary motion. No muscle or nerve stimulation is involved.

No charging needed

Our orthosis does not use electricity and therefore does not need charging.

Works instantly

After putting on the orthosis, the benefits are immediate. No need to wait for therapeutic effects.


With only 315 grams, you barely notice its weight when you wear the orthosis.

Wearable under clothing

You can wear the orthosis under loose clothing.

Helping with daily activities

The STIL orthosis has clinically proven to reduce tremors in the wrist and forearm for people with essential tremor1. This led to a significant improvement in performing daily activities, such as eating and drinking2.

User experiences

What do other STIL users say?

For many years I have been taking medication to suppress the severe tremor in my arm and hand. However, the medication hardly helps. What a nice orthosis that has been developed by STIL, which helps me enormously in daily activities. I am very happy to be able to drink, eat and read the newspaper again without the severe tremors in my hand. The orthosis is also easy to put on independently.
Rob Besseling
  1. Based on accelerometer data measured at the hand of essential tremor patients performing 7 upper-limb tasks from the TETRAS scale
  2. Improvement for eating, drinking, pouring and writing tasks as assessed by a neurologist using the TETRAS scale