Every day, people face the challenges of tremors or trembling hands. The STIL Orthosis offers hope and change.

We asked our customers share their personal journey stories: from daily struggles to moments of triumph and renewed independence. Discover how the STIL Orthosis has transformed their lives. The videos are only visible after accepting cookies. If you haven’t accepted marketing cookies that, you can adjust your cookie settings here.


Play Video about STIL Orthosis Gerda


Listen to Gerda’s inspiring story. She has a passion for detailed work and life, but ran into limitations due to her essential tremor. Find out how the STIL Orthosis helped her regain her beloved hobby and why she believes others can benefit too.
(Dutch only)


Meet Herman, a handyman enthusiast whose passions were limited by an essential tremor. See how the STIL Orthosis transformed his daily chore activities and gave him back the joy of another beloved hobby.
(Dutch only)

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Play Video about STIL orthosis Anke


Discover the story of Anke, who daily faced the challenges of essential tremors and found an unexpected solution in the quest for more control and quality of life. See how the STIL Orthosis made a difference to her daily life.
(Dutch only)


Meet Dennis, an ambitious make-up artist whose passion was overshadowed by an essential tremor. Find out how the STIL Orthosis not only changed his professional actions but also how he feels in social situations.
(Dutch only)

Play Video about STIL Orthosis Dennis

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